Hello! Welcome to this small space on the web dedicated to the display of my creative works. Not much here now, since I haven’t been able to maintain enough creativity as I’d like. However, I promise to do my best to keep updating semi-regularly.

Well, there are a couple of things you should know before you move on. First, the general ratings used for the stories. They indicate the rating for the entire finished story (as it has currently developed in my mind), not the individual chapters and/or scenes. I'll rate each chapter or scene individually as well, just to be safe. Understood? Second, all images are generally safe to view (PG rated) unless otherwise specified.

Ok, that's all I have to say. If you'd like to comment on my stories or give me some writing advice, please use the review form that I've provided for your convenience. Of course, that's only if you can be polite about it. I don't appreciate flames. However, I do love compliments. =^.^= Happy reading!!!


Dreams Come To Life

Romance | General Rating: R

Warning: Shounen-ai and shoujo-ai content.

Summary: The Greyson triplets (Kael, Karah, and Kamilah) find love in unlikely places during their senior year of high school. Amid the pressures of school, society, and parents, these three siblings struggle to hold on to their dreams. Will they bring them to life?

*Down for re-writing.*

Chapter 1

Scene 1: Sibling Dynamics [PG]

Scene 2: Strange Chemistry [PG13]

Character Images





Not Quite Right, Not Quite Wrong

Romance | General Rating: NC-17

Warning: Yaoi

Summary: Kioshi and Daiki have a really big problem. Each other. Their parents believe they could influence each other positively. They don't agree. Without regard to their wishes, they've been thrown together. Will they be proven right or wrong?

Chapter 1

Scene 1: Parental Problems [PG] | Words: 1,253

Scene 2: Mental Retreat [PG]

ChibiChula's Revenge

Humor | General Rating: G

Warning: Bad artwork and humor ahead.

Summary: A two part comic that I drew in 2002. The first part is a simple two panel comic that shows how I wanted to torture Erik (a net friend) when he did something to annoy me. The second part is a more elaborate seven panel comic that shows how I would torture Sean (another net friend) if I was living in a perfect world. ^_^;;; Of course, I never claimed to be an artist. I also never claimed to be funny.

The comics:

Revenge #1 (229k)

Revenge #2 (320k)


First-Aid Lesson

Anime Series: Weiß Kreuz

Romance | General Rating: NC-17

Warning: Yaoi | Pairing: AxO

Part 1

Kiss It Better? [PG13] | Words: 2,841

Summary: Aya hurts his hand and Omi tends to him. What happens when Aya decides to teach Omi his way of 'kissing it better'?

Part 2

Rage Of The Chibi [R] | Words: 6,274

Summary: Aya stunned Omi with his version of 'kissing it better'. It's now six days later and Aya's been avoiding Omi. What happens when Omi gets mad enough to confront him?

Part 3

From Amethyst Glaciers to Twilight Sky [NC-17]


Bonus Stuff

Here some extras for all my lovely readers. I managed to blackmail some fanart from a new net buddy (one of my reviewers from FanFiction.Net) and put together some wannabe book covers for the first two parts of this story. Much thanks goes out to plutoniankk for her wonderful drawing skills. Hopefully my skill with Photoshop has done some measure of justice to her artwork.

*~*~*Cover Art 1*~*~*Original Image 1*~*~*

*~*~*Cover Art 2*~*~*Original Image 2*~*~*


TV Show: Smallville

Romance | General Rating: PG-13 (for implied sex)

Warning: Slash | Pairing: Clark/Lex

Part 1

Montblanc [PG-13] | Words: 737

Summary: A small, first-time Clex snippet in response to a challenge. Slightly fluffy. My first Smallville ficlet so please be gentle.

Hikago #18 (Scene reMIX)

Anime Series: Hikaru no Go

Humor | General Rating: R (for language)

Warning: Slash | Pairing: Akira/Hikaru | image intensive

Formerly known as the "I'll never appear before you again" scene

Hikago #18 (Scene reMIX) [R] | Images: 24

Summary: This is a little story I started telling Mirai May in an MSN chat window while I was snapping and sending her some screencaps of my favorite scene in episode 18. She encouraged me to post it in my LiveJournal and to pimp it in a LJ community. It now finds a home here. Not really a fic, just a series of screencaps that I decided to write my own captions to. Hope you enjoy the silliness.

Edge of Heaven

Book: Harry Potter

Romance | General Rating: NC-17

Warning: Slash | Pairing: Harry/Draco

Chapter 1

Scene 1: Draco [PG] | Words: 634

Summary: A Draco-as-a-veala fic with a twist.


Anime Series: Weiß Kreuz

Headshot | General Rating: G

Warning: Bad artwork ahead.

Summary: An effort to learn to shade with color pencils. Failed spectacularly. Not original, it's almost an exact copy of artwork used in the series. Well, as close to a copy as I can get. ^_^;;; Finally got my scanner working so I thought I'd share.

The drawing:


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September 28, 2004

- Got my scanner working again so I decided to scan and add an old pic of Aya-kun that I drew while I was in Puerto Rico.

August 28, 2004

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August 7, 2004

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August 6, 2004

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